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Placement and Services

Specialized Academic Instruction in Capistrano Unified School District

Each school within the District offers specialized academic instruction and related services to meet needs per a student’s IEP.  Some specialized programs, such as STEPS, SAC, STARS, and TBIC are only offered at select district locations based on school feeder patterns and regional needs.  Program locations may change each year as student enrollment changes and facility needs change.  The STEPS program (meeting needs of students with moderate/severe disabilities) is currently located at:

  • R.H. Dana ENF,
  • Marco Forster Middle School,
  • Newhart Middle School,
  • Niguel Hills Middle School,
  • Shorecliffs Middle School
  • Dana Hills High School,
  • San Clemente High School, and
  • Tesoro High School. 

The SAC program (meeting needs of students with moderate/severe disabilities for students with autism) is currently located at Hidden Hills Elementary School,  R.H. Dana ENF, Bergeson Elementary School, Castille Elementary School, and Palisades Elementary School.  The STARS program (meeting needs of students with mild/moderate disabilities) is currently located at:

  • Ambuehl Elementary School,
  • Del Obispo Elementary School,
  • Lobo Elementary School,
  • Reilly Elementary School,
  • Malcom Elementary,
  • Chaparral Elementary, and
  • Wood Canyon Elementary School. 

The TBIC program (meeting the needs of students with behavioral and emotional needs) is currently located at:

  • Arroyo Vista Elementary,
  • Truman Benedict Elementary,
  • Las Flores Middle School,
  • Las Flores Middle,  
  • Aliso Niguel High School,
  • Capistrano Valley High School, and
  • San Clemente High School. 

Our Adult Transition Program has a location in downtown San Juan and at San Juan Hills High School.

Other Options and Placements

To meet the needs of students with disabilities who require very specialized instructional settings, the District has joint agreements with surrounding school districts that operate specialized programs such as a regionalized program for the deaf, the school for the deaf, programs for students with visual impairments, and specialized programs for students with cognitive impairments. The Orange County Department of Education also operates several programs that are available for students with severe disabilities. Several of these County Programs are located at District school sites. The District also has joint agreements with different agencies to provide specialized services.


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