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CUSD Student Support Services

Capistrano Unified School District

(949) 234-9270

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Staff Directory

Dr. Gregory Merwin, Associate Superintendent
Student Support Services, SELPA

Donald Mahoney, Assistant Superintendent
Special Education Services
Dr. Wendy Pospichal, Executive Director
Integrated Support Services
Heidi Harvey, Executive Director
Special Education Programs and Instruction

Dr. Kathy Purcell, Executive Director
Alternative Dispute Resolution/Compliance

Danielle Clark, Director
Related Services

Dr. Lauren Pattullo, Coordinator
Special Education Services, Infant-PreK

Myla Candelario, Coordinator 
Special Education Technology

Rebecca Pianta, Coordinator
Counseling and Student Support

Claudia Ginsberg-Brown, Coordinator
Medi-Cal/Home Instruction/Staffing

Heather Pizzo, Coordinator
Mental Health

Roxanne Cortez, Program Specialist
Private Schools

Nenoska Frink, Amanda Bratcher, Nancy Cho, Antoinette Wheeler,  Janelle Stever

2019-20 Nurse Assignments

2019-20 Program Specialist Assignments

Student Support Services

Federal and state laws require the district to identify, locate and assess all students within the district from birth through 21 years of age who may have disabilities, and then provide appropriate Learn more here

Our Mission

Student Support Services exists as an organized team to provide specialized service, support, and knowledge to students with special needs, their parents, the community, and staff. The results of such efforts are the development and implementation of effective, evidence-based programs and services for all CUSD children.